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Our DJ’s live and breathe music, whilst bringing the community together to bring you the very best of South Asian music.

Arshia Shahzad

Arshia Shahzad is an Urdu speaking immigrant that came to Canada from Karachi, Pakistan in 1978. As a mother of three daughters, her love of children inspires her to teach Taekwondo to boys and girls at afterschool programs. Arshia has a second-degree black belt in Taekwondo and is passionate about radio, television and stage performing, since she herself, was at school.

Arshia has volunteered at Radio MirchMasala for 19 years and as a lover of Urdu poetry, has recently published a book called “Guncha a Arghwan” غنچہ ارغوان. The small business owner encourages those who are scared to get married, not to be as she says, “my husband and I are very different, but we live happily in our sweet home.”

Iqbal Atwal

Iqbal S. Atwal, born in Punjab, India and now living in Ottawa, Canada, speaks fluent Punjabi, English, and Hindi. He has studied in both India (Jalandhar, Patiala) and Canada (Montreal and Ottawa) where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a master’s degree in Engineering.

During his studies in Punjab, he gained interest for radio programming and began participating in discussions related to youth. He presented many ‘Meri Pasand’ youth programs at the All India Radio Station Jalandhar. Iqbal is influenced by Punjabi folk, Bhangra, as well as upbeat DJ songs but brings his own style to “Apna Punjab and Bhangra Nation,”. He loves to paint a picture and present a story around the songs which he selects, so that it can leave a lasting impression and appreciation for those songs in the minds of the listeners.

Join him each Saturday between 5-7 pm EST for two hours of musical entertainment ranging from traditional Punjabi music to the latest Bhangra tracks at 97.9 FM CHIN, Ottawa.

Kashyap Desai

Kashyap Desai, born in Ahmedabad, India and now living in Ottawa, Canada, likes the number three. He speaks English, Gujrati and Hindi, has a B.Eng, P.Eng and CRE and is passionate about reading, music and travelling. As the Chief Sustainability & Mechanical Engineer for Laboratories Canada, his work has been awarded for Energy Efficiency, Innovation and Sustainability.

Kashyap is one of the few survivors of the Bangalore Airbus A320 crash in the 90’s that resulted in big setbacks financially as well as in his career. His spirit was not tainted however and Kashyap started not-for-profit, Vedic Sanskruti (hyperlink), to give back to his community.

Nasreen Shoshi

Nasreen Shoshi was born to a musical family in Dhaka Bangladesh. Inspired by those around her, she has performed worldwide in many languages including Bangla, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, English and Kajak. Nasreen holds BSc. And MSc. Degrees and currently works in the Government as an IT professional.

Nasreen teaches music to those who share her passion at the Usha Music School, in Riverside South, Ottawa. While performing on a stage in Ottawa, Nasreen came to know Huns and he called her ‘Ottawa’s Runa Laila’. He offered her the opportunity to sing for his Radio Show and Shoshi’s song now plays on his Radio.

Praveen Lata

Praveen Lata was born in Fiji but calls Canada home. She speaks English, Hindi and Fijian and her degree in Business, Network Security led her to work as an IT Security Professional. Her heart beats even faster for her love of being on air with her listeners.

When Praveen is not gaming, cooking or partaking in volunteer work, she is avidly listening to music. She always loved radio as a listener, thus when she got the opportunity to become a radio host it was a dream come true, despite not having any experience. She still remembers her first day on air which was nerve-racking, but looking back, she would not have done anything differently.

She knew her love of music, films and Bollywood would keep listeners excited and insists
there is no better feeling then putting a smile on someone’s face and getting that positive feedback from her listeners saying that they enjoyed the show.

You're listening to Radio Huns, the heartbeat of Ottawa's South Asian community

Ravi S.K.Singh and Kasturi Mishra Singh

Ravi S.K.Singh and Kasturi Mishra Singh have hosted Bhule Bisre Geet on CHIN Radio Ottawa 97.9 FM for more than 12 years.

Ravi Singh, born in Trinidad and raised in Canada, grew up listening to Bollywood film music with his elders who were reminded of their origins as they listened. His love of music led him to specialise in the Tabla, an Indian classical percussion instrument, at first in Winnipeg before continuing to learn as a senior Shashtri Scholarship Fellow in India. Ravi shares his devotion to music as the President and an instructor at Gharana Arts School when he is not working for the Government of Canada.

Kasturi Mishra Singh was raised by a family of musicians who encouraged her to pursue being a classical Kathak dancer. Fluent in Hindi, Bengali, Bhojpuri and English, Katsuri established her presence as a well-known documentarian with a degree in Mass Communications and Film Studies from St Xavier’s Kolkata. Her commitment to the arts has her respected as one of the most knowledgeable Kathak dancers, inspiring others to learn as an Artistic Director at Gharana Arts School.

Shah Bahauddin

Shah Bahauddin (Shishir), born in Dhaka, India, lives in Ottawa where he attained his second MSc. in Engineering having previously lived in both Russia and Texas. Shah is actively engaged in the cultural, social, and political sphere of Ottawa as the President of the Bangladesh Canada Association of Ottawa Valley (BACAOV), which is the oldest Bangladeshi organization in Ottawa.

Shah found the Usha Music School, where Bengalis of all ages learn and practice Bangla music and is married to Nasreen Shoshi, a prominent singer of Ottawa and co-host of Huns Radio Bangla Radio show “Sur O Kotha”. He is an aspiring poet and lyricist and his main focus is on ensuring the next generation of Bangladeshis in Ottawa will grow up learning about Bangladesh – its history, tradition, culture, and most importantly, the language.

Vandana Kurichh

Vandana Kurichh was born in Jalandhar, Punjab, India and speaks English, Punjabi, Hindi. Vandana holds a Bachelor of Arts from KMV college in Jalandhar India and Master’s degree in Indian Classical Vocal Music from Guru Nanak Dev University in Amritsar, India.


Vandana’s professional background goes back to India where she worked as a music teacher. She was also in charge of events and performing at events with top Punjabi, and Hindi artists.


After moving to Canada, Vandana has been involved in the retail sector, currently a team lead at Shoppers Drug Mart and also working in the Pharmacy Department.


Some of Vandana’s interests are:  music, performing at multicultural events, spending time with her my family and most of all enjoying what life has to offer.


Back in India Vandana never thought she would be involved in music, as she originally enrolled in a medical science program back in India, but her passion has always been music. Furthermore when coming to Canada she never had so much of a connection performing at events etc. This was until she met Hunsdeep and he introduced her to many events of his and letting Vandana perform on the stage. It is funny how things sometimes work out without you knowing if they ever will.

Sharma G

Sharma G has immersed himself for two decades in radio, entertainment and theatre. He is the Bhishm Pitamah of radio and Nick Fury of the digital platform.

He is the host of ‘Bollywood Top 20 with SharmaG,’ on Radio Huns, spreading the joy of music and conversations with celebrities. His prominent theatre productions include the Wizard of Oz, Legend of Ram, Blame It on Yashraj and the 50 Day War.

He is the Chief Programming & Digital Strategy Officer for Fever FM, Radio Nasha and Radio One, India’s most successful radio networks.

Sharma G’s passions include food, travel, music, singing, theatre, radio, podcasts, geeky ideas and communication.

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